Freeze your IGG?

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.The project is still very young and so all IGG fans are waiting impatiently for news of all kinds. Recently it finally happened. On May 23rd you could register again on their website. (

IGG capsule


A new feature, IGLabs, has finally been released. The developers have done a great job and put some things together.

You can now create a new Tron Wallet directly on their site or import an existing one via PK. But the wallet only shows tokens that have something to do with IGG. A filter was simply used for this purpose. Nobody wants to see there tokens like Durex or Pornhub, which you got from somebody.

In short: You can also send IGG to this wallet. If you freeze them, you will get ORB token as a reward. Those who did this immediately received a special bonus: We can exchange these ORBs back into IGG at a generous rate. For 1 ORB you get 4 IGG. After the start week the exchange rates will decrease. Since these numbers can change constantly, it's best to check the IGG main channel (telegram) beforehand and inform yourself.

You can freeze per capsule between 100000IGG and 10000000IGG or as you always read it in the scene: Between 100K and 10M.  Who has packed 10M into a capsule and frozen it for 30 days will get back 150K ORB. Not bad!

Watch the clip from Cryptosid, freezing IGG is super easy.


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