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ORBs arrival imminent.

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I think the secret of the ORB token will be revealed shortly. Why? First, Naeem posted this in main:
Active Galacticans who immediately started freezing IGG to get ORBs back will be rewarded on June 22nd. The big question is whether you should keep the ORBs or whether you should exchange them directly back for IGG.

The real decision can only be made once the IGG team has informed its community about what the new ORB tokens are all about. At the moment, all we know is that you can use them as a stake for Quest games. How many ORBs are needed for a game is not clear? What you can win in a quest isn't clear yet either.

So we wait eagerly for some action from the IGG team and watch the main channel on Telegram with eagle eyes. Also, the announcement channel is under observation. I myself check daily whether the appearance of the Intergalactic Gaming website is changing. No, I am not crazy. I'm just very curious and want to know how the project is progressing.

It will happen in the next few days, maybe today. The arrival of thousands of ORBs is certain. So let's wait for the next transmission into our galaxy. Are you ready?

Update: 2019-06-29

OK, THEN. The quests for which you will need ORBs will be postponed until early 2020. The team needs all the energy to keep the gaming platform up and running in the 4th quarter.
The story with the ORBs and the quests is not in the IGG Roadmap, so it was a piece of sugar on top. That's why I'm not disappointed, but happy that the priorities are being set correctly. The most important thing is and remains the platform, heart, and soul of the project.
Until then, everyone can decide whether to accept the gift from IGG and freeze capsules to receive ORBs. I like to do that because it's very easy. I like to be well prepared. So I freeze the IGG, collect the ORBs and let me surprise you with what is coming to us in 2020 and what we can do with the ORBs.
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