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You can really say that! Where else can you find them: Both Cofounder appear again and again in the Telegram Group and verbally bang their admins if necessary.

What always comes to mind is that Naeem and Gavin don't seem to agree on which of them is the better FIFA player. We won't be able to clarify that until the IGG platform is open to the public. By the way, a time window that you should definitely remember. It is already planned for the 4th quarter of 2019!

So the Cofounder need good nerves when they show up in Telegram Chat. I can't even remember what was going on. Anyway, Naeem announced something again and made it very exciting, showed up very late in the day. But he was directly called a sleep cap. Seems to have become a fashion since Justin Sun. One announces already an announcement... If there are new partnerships, which are not mentioned immediately, but only later, this GIF doesn't help to tickle something out of the boys.

So all in all the Galacticans are a funny bunch of people. That the Cofounder's hair stands on end every now and then can be quite possible.

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