The partner tokens

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Here you can see again something about GGE or Partner tokens. The idea is that each team has its own tokens. These can only be bought with IGG. So we constantly have demand for IGGs - I like that.

The partner tokens, in turn, are needed if you want to buy merchandise items from this team - maybe you can win against this team in a tournament and get their partner tokens as a reward.

In general, the idea behind IGG is very appealing... How many hours have you burned at your PlayStation or Xbox? You put so much time into it and are not rewarded.

IGG changes that. You still play, only smarter: You have an IGG account and take part in tournaments there. Everyone is rewarded, even those who don't play so well yet. Those who are already very good may be discovered by scouts and get an offer to join a team. Nothing is impossible, that's what IGG stands for.