Airdrops & rain - what´s that?

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Whenever special stages in the project are reached or anything else is to be celebrated, there are in Telegram groups so-called Airdrops or rain showers. So - What is that?

 Again, this is only possible with the fast Tron blockchain. Administrators of a telegram group can reward their members with tokens. This can also be done individually. For special achievements, one gets a so-called tip. 

 But this is also possible with a whole group: The command for this is e.g.

/rain xxx [token name] 36

xxx stands for the number of tokens to be distributed over the entire group. In our case, the token name was mostly IGG. But sometimes partner tokens fall from the sky. The 36 in my example can also be given. Here this means that only members who have been active in the last 36 hours benefit from the rain.

Unfortunately, this attracts many so-called token hunters, who do nothing but greet in as many groups as possible. This could almost be seen as a kind of esport. Must be a lot of effort if you want to earn something.

However, I have rarely seen such a disciplined group as IGG. This is due to the admins, who always friendly point out that token hunting is not welcome here. You are very welcome to contribute something meaningful, then everything is good.

This is also very easy to understand. One could read no more meaningful contributions if all 4000 members constantly post a hello or a good morning.

We have to especially emphasize our Vlad, who keeps the shop really clean and has earned himself good respect. If then times again one means, it must constantly greetings, it terminates very fast...