Creative in image and sound.

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Logically, I knew Tron a while before I came across IGG. When the Mainnet was launched on June 25th, it had to be celebrated.

I was in the 90s at the age where you spent a lot of time in the clubs. You will certainly notice that when you look at my playlist on Youtube, for example. There are many classics from back then to be found.

Well - and because I was very much influenced by underground music at that time, this track was probably created... If you listen to it, please don't demand too much of the quality. That was my first track.

If you believe very much in a project, you also quickly start dreaming about future parties with the members. That's why this little intro was created: The IGG party people! Yiiiihaaaa :)


And here you can see how quickly time flies. The IGG partner GSIN mentioned in the intro is no longer there. Why I don't know. Anyways... I wish the GSIN esports group all the best for the future!