In memory of the GGE

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GGE - what is it anyway? Well, IGG was one of the first - if not the first - projects his ICO handled via telegram!

Yes - you didn't have to send ETH somewhere and wait months for your purchased tokens. No. It was completely different here...

IGG runs on the super fast Tron network. Here you don't wait for minutes or even hours until a blockchain transaction is completed. That goes here in seconds.

IGG used this to sell the tokens simply and easily on telegram with the help of the seeditbot. It was called GGE: Grand Galactic Exchange.

In order to keep this historic moment in good memory, this coin was conjured up. Many thanks again for the exciting time! You couldn't read anymore, it was written so fast. The pages in telegram just flew by.

Naeem Shabir, one of the two co-founders had everything under control. Partly one had the feeling, the boy is from another star.

This was a great time, thanks for that!